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Impact of Renewable Energy in Peace Building

Conflicts and wars take place for excercising control over resouces. These resources can be economic, political or ideological or a combination of these. Among many economic resources, energy resource is one among them. After industrial revolution in 18th century, energy resources were accorded higher priority for economic and social development by early industrialized countries and subsequently by latecomers  and other developing countries. However, at the later stage when many countries especially the developed one started realizing  that conventional energy resources are finite and will not last long at present rate of consumption and non availability of the same would adversely affect their socioeconomic development, they started acquiring energy resources and especially oil of other energy rich countrries that led to many covert conflicts among nations competeting for acquiring energy resources  of  the energy rich countries. This energy and especially oil led conflict  even resulted in regime change in many countries especially in twentieth century. Renewable energy has immense potential to fulfil the needs of mankind and if the same can be properly tapped, at least energy related conflicts can be ward off  to a great extent and relatively more peace at global level can be established. However, promotion of renewable will alter economic, global political status of many countries and international relations among them and to maintain stausquo energy rich countries can try to  thwart the development of renewable energy resources.

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