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Developmental Thoughts

 Development in human civilization has taken a giant leap when it improved upon food gathering/production and surplus was generated that provided opportunity to some people to survive without engaging themselves into food gathering/production activities to  think innovatively and translate their innovations for the benefit of mankind.  In various time frames, level of innovative thinking in various parts of world was different and accordingly their level of development was different. However, any new idea before being translated into action needs to be critically examined for its short and long term implications. There is wide variation in the level of development in various countries across the globe. Those who lagged behind in development, perhaps there was lack of innovative and rational thinking apart from other ingredient. As far as governance is concerned normally this thinking process is led and steered by government institutions, but in progressive countries people and civil societies make big contribution in this process through contributing new ideas, analyzing and criticizing ideas that go into policy making. Therfore, innovative thinking, analysis and criticism of ideas that affect public interest is a must for development. And as a citizen we must think on various policy issue , analyse it rationally and criticize it if required.   

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