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Hyderabad Gangrape and Encounter 2019

On 6th December 2019, four accused in the gangrape and murder case of a veterinary doctor were killed in an encounter by Hyderabad police in India while recreating the scene of the incident of gangrape and gruesome murder with accused when accused tried to flee snatching the gun of the police. Some people raised questioned on this encounter. However, in various parts of the country, the encounter was applauded and celebrated especially by women folks. Perhaps, they saw quick delivery of justice in this encounter.  If these accused really tried to flee snatching gun and consequently, and police killed them in self-defence, then it is what these criminals deserved. But, if it is a planned encounter by police as some people raise a doubt, then it is not the only an encounter of four criminals, but also of the judiciary. Normally, these criminals accused of gangrape and murder should have been hanged with the proper judicial process if charges were proved. However, the long-drawn judicial process and the high cost of justice undermine the justice delivered, as the adage goes as justice delayed is justice denied. Especially in criminal cases like rape and murder where a victim's family loses a life and honour both, the grief, sorrow and sense of injustice to the victim and victim's family multiply many times. And if the justice is not delivered in a reasonable time, the victim feels justice denied. Judiciary and governments should take a lesson from this incident and put more judicial infrastructure in place and deliver quick justice by fixing a deadline for delivering justice. In such cases, many victims belong to lower economic background and cost involved in the long-drawn judicial process is very which they can't afford and not only loses the case but also lose their trust in the judiciary. In such type of cases, the government need to think of simplifying the court procedures and abolish any court fee, and the victim may be provided free legal aid. Perhaps, this may inculcate confidence and trust among common people about the judiciary.

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