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Death of Baghdadi: Implications for Terror


On 27th October 2019, the US President Trump announced the killing of dreaded terrorist and chief of ISIS, Abu Bakar Baghdadi by the US armed forces. Perhaps, Trump may reap the rich dividends of the killing of Baghdadi in the next presidential election to be held in 2020 as President Obama reaped benefits of winning the US presidential election held in 2012 by killing another terrorist Osama Bin Laden, head of Al Qaeda in 2011. Now, the question arises that whether killings of heads of terrorist organizations like Baghdadi and Osama will eradicate terrorism from the world map. The answer is no, such incidents will subdue the terrorist activities for certain time, but it may resurface again when the politically opportune moment exists. It may appear in the name of some new organization. The major reason for terrorism is the clash of ideologies. The root cause of clash of ideologies for terrorism lies in the real or perceived sense of deprivation, oppression, discrimination, injustice etc met out by one community by other in a country or one country by another country on account of economic, social, political, ethnic, geographical, historical, cultural, linguistic, religious issues. As far as the clash of ideologies on social, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious issues are concerned that can be addressed through reforms in the education system especially in primary and secondary education by modifying the curriculum that nurtures respect for diversity of religion, culture, ethnicity, and language etc.  As far as economic, political and geographical issues for clashes are concerned, they can be addressed by and large by having more and truer democratic governments. Here the citizens, world community, and international organizations like the UN can also play a big role. Sometimes truer democracies do not fight among themselves, but they fight a proxy war in other countries which are mostly in poor and undemocratic countries. As an example, Hillery Clinton has categorically stated and admitted in a TV interview of instituting and supporting terrorism by the US in Afghanistan against erstwhile USSR for strategic gains. However, the backlash of nurturing terrorism was also faced by the US in form of 9/11 terror attack and Pakistan also in multiple terrorist attacks, apart from the scourge of terrorism faced by the USSR and Afghanistan. This needs to be learnt by countries who support terrorism for their short term strategic gains. 


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