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Uncertain Future of Kashmir


Recently the dissolution of PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir has put a question mark on restoring normalcy in Kashmir valley through carrot of development. Kashmiri separatists are now seeking other options for their support and that is Islamic State. However, focus of Kashmiri separatist has been shifting over the years due to bad mishandling of Kashmir issue right from beginning. Earlier, few handful of Kashmiri separatists collaborated with Pakistan/ISI for fulfilling their personal political ambitions of being in prominence in politics of Kashmir. This provided leverage to Pakistan in nurturing terrorism in Kashmir valley and manipulating Kashmir politics against India. After Soviet-Afghan war, Pakistan diverted material and ideological resources to Kashmiri separatists to intensify terrorism in India. This further encourage many other separatists to open new profitable terror shop. This terror shop not only gives money but also recognition to terror shop operators and encourages others to become terrorist. In order to curb terrorism Government should stop flow of illegal funding in Kashmir from outside. Even infrastructure development works should be stop for few years in Kashmir so that extortion money extracted by terrorists from devepmental work could not be generated for funding terrorism. Social media should be banned and government controlled media should only operate and that should promote moderate Sufi Islam and not a fanatic Wahabi Islam. Kashmiri Hindus who has left Kashmir should be rehabilitated in Kashmir by providing self sufficient integrated colonies at various locations in Kashmir valley fully protected by military and paramilitary forces. Even Kashmiri Hindus can trained and armed with weapons for their self defence. A committee of experts on Article 370 of Constitution must be constituted to examine and advise that how people from other parts of India can be settled in Kashmir.

It appears that Kashmiri separatists have been toying with many ideas at different point of time. Initially they wanted separate Kashmir independent from India and Pakistan, then perhaps Kashmir going to Pakistan. However, over the years they have realized that in both the above mentioned options they will fall prey to Pakistan, and India will not let it happen. That's why Kashmiri separatists have gone for other options in desperation i.e. sitting in lap of Islamic State. Hypothetically If Islamic State captures and takes over the Kashmiris, Kashmiris will become second class citizen and life of Kashmiris will become miserable for ages, because there will be cultural invasion in the name of religion that is very painful. Moreover, in times to come Pakistan will pay a heavy price as it will be the next target of Islamic State being a Islamic country in vicinity. 

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