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China is Jittery Over Deepening of Indo-US Strategic Relations


Beijing became jitterry on recent statements made by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on 19th October,2017 about deepening its relations with India. Beijing warned the United States to drop its bias against China after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Washington wanted to “dramatically deepen” ties with New Delhi to counter China’s influence in Asia. With growing economic and political might of China, US apprehends that China would challenge political authority of US, and would try to take its place as most powerful country in the world. However, US would not like the same to happen, and to ward-off  growing ambition of China, US will try to contain China by propping up India against China. In US perception, the recent incident of military stand-off at Doklam and also considering past bumpy relations since 1962 have made India a fit case to be fielded against China in order to contain China. Most of the countries bordering China have apprehensions about intent of China of grabbing their territories. Not only that, in many small and poor countries of Asia where China has invested heavily are not feeling comfortable and wants to get out of clutches of China. However, India doesn't  have any such issue with neighbouring countries except Pakistan which is a brunt of British colonialism. India's initiatives under Modi government to have better relations  with China under equal terms  was not honoured by China as evident through its actions in recent past. This makes US  further think of India as a suitable country to be fielded against China. Therefore, United States wants to “dramatically deepen” ties with New Delhi to counter China’s influence in Asia in order to serve its strategic interest. Now, it is to be seen how India acts. However, growing strategic closeness among India, US, Japan and Australia is visible. Similarly, other side Russia, China and Pakistan are gelling strategically.

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