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Interlinking of Rivers in India


With the recent changes in portfolios of ministers in Government of India(GoI), a decisision has been taken to innerlink the rivers. This idea was first conceived in Atal Bihari Vajpai Government, but now it is going to be implemented in Modi Government. 


Due to climate change, the pattern of precipitation as well as melting of glaciers with reference to place, time and quantity is likey to change appreciably resulting in frequent floods and drought. Due to flood, not only devastation of human lives, agriculture, livestocks and properties are lost, but fresh water resources are also lost without their utilization. As pattern and timings of flooding in rain fed and glacier fed rivers are different and same is different in rainfed rivers also; therefore, amount of water from flooded river can be diverted to other rivers where flood is not there. This will reduce the devastations cuased by flood as well as reduces the wastage of fresh flood water that is drained out in seas. Transfer of these flood waters to other rivers with less water and subsequent transfer through canals to drought prone areas will also reduce the likelyhood of drought. Therefore, interlinking of rivers may be a game changer for India in fighting against flood and drought which is likely to increase due to climate change. 

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