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Doklam Stand-Off

Doklam plateau, a tri-junction point of Bhutan, China and India is in news for bad reasons since June, 2017. China wants to construct road in Doklam in Bhutanses terrotory. Bhutan has objected to same and as per cooperative security arrangements between Bhutan and India, India is oblised to intervene and accordingly India stopped the road construction by Chinese in Bhutanese territory in Doklam. This standoff is continued for more than two months.


This act of China shows that China is entering into phase of old way of imperialism that has already abondoned by Western European countries learning the lesson from World War-II. However, China does not want to learn the lesson from the outcomes of World War-II. The most important objective of a rational government is to improve socio-economic development of its people and establish peace in and around that is important for socio-economic development. China needs to understand that territory may be a means and not an end in fulfilling the national aspirations of development, peace and even global leadership. Engagement of China in armed conflict with countries around its territory and beyond may spoil the economy of China which is manufacturing based export oriented economy. Will China take a lesson from past and mend its way ? Let's wait and watch.

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