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How Investments in Soft Power Can be Used to Leverage Hard Power


After World War-II there had been significant use of soft power globally where economically advance countries have provided economic aid to least developed and developing countries. However, this soft power has been used to consolidated its diplomatic, strategic and military power. There is no free lunch in any relation and that applies to international relations also. The moment any country provides any aid for economic, social or cultural development, there are some expectations by donor country in return. However, China was smart to develop Hambantota and Colombo ports at Sri Lanka in the name of economic development which Chinese will use for military purpose in return of their economic aid. Sri Lanka can not stop it now for being used by China for military purpose even if it wishes so. The same thing will happen with Gwadar port also. Though Pakistan will be happy to allow China to use it for military purpose against India and other neighboring unfriendly country. This is a very good example as to how soft power can be used to leverage hard. Now it's really a diplomatic and strategic challenge for India to see how they can counter it so that China could not use these ports for military purpose.

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