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Reasons for Pakistani Propaganda to Project India as a Threat


Right from the day of its creation in 1947, Pakistan has been projecting India as a threat. This propaganda of threat from India has been used to unite ethnically, linguistically and culturally diverse  Pakistan in name of religion. However, the main reason for threat to unity of Pakistan is bankruptcy of credibile political class in Pakistan. This has led to control of civilian government by military which should have been otherwise. In order to prove legitmacy of their action, military is using few tactis in addition to others such as : creating false perception of military threats from India; promoting Mullah, religious fanatism and intolerances to use against India. In the name of threats from India, earlier all ethnic groups such as Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Muhajirs etc used to come together in the name of religion. What Bangladeshi's realised over four decades back, now other groups have started realizing the same. Now with wide spread use of ICT and electronic social media network this trick is not going to work in long run as fringe ethnic groups in Pakistan know that it is Punjabi Pakistanis who are masters and others are perceived slaves. So, Indian threat to unite Pakistan will not work for a long.

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