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Terrorism and Trans-national Social Movement

Whatever unfortunate terrorist attacks took place recently in Paris and Brussels is a crude outcome of trans-national social movement based on some ideologies, be it political, religious, politico-religious, ethno-religious, linguistic or regional or a combination of these factors. The main source of inspiration of any social movement is based on some perceived or real deprivation among a group of people having something in common like region, religion, language, ethnicity etc  that inculcates a sense  of injustice done to them by others. These people socially united mobilise themselves against perpetrators of injustice done to them in order to fight for justice. In social movement three factors ideologies, resources and political opportunity structure play important role in making social movement successful and among them ideologies and issues framed on those ideologies plays a  very crucial role. If the issue framed is strong, more and more people will affiliate with this issue and in turn with social movement. The opposing forces tries to suppress the social movement, and in this process if some innocent people who are loosely connected with the issues and they are subjected to harassment and ill treatment, then it is most likely that they will also join this social movement whole heartedly. And social movement will get further strength.


The present day terrorism is also a trans-national social movement. So, the most important issue is as to how the ideologies are addressed that creates terrorists. Other important point to keep in mind is that while addressing this issue, no innocent person belonging to that group is harassed. Because, once a innocent person is harassed he/she or people closely related to him/her are likely  to join this  terrorist group with more firm determination.


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