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Trans-National Terrorism-A Risk of Globalization

Terrorism is an outcome of clashes of two unequal powers where weak power resorts to sudden and clandestine attack on strong power. Terrorism may take place in many forms: between two groups, between group and state and between state and state. There may be state sponsored terrorism also. The root cause of terrorism is real or perceived notion of getting robbed of its tangible or intangible assets of a weak power by a strong power. The assets may be tangible assets like territory, natural resources etc or intangible resources like ideologies, beliefs, culture and environment etc.

With the unprecedented rate of globalization in recent past, the economic benefits of globalization are skewed in favour of few selected countries and group of people. In that process some group of people and countries feel that they are being economically exploited by big powers. On the other hand, due to greater global interconnectivity due electronically enabled social media, people are able to express their divergent ideologies and views without respecting the ideologies and views of other groups or people. If the two groups are having divergent views on ideologies, beliefs and culture and one group considers being exploited economically by normally other powerful group, the problem gets further compounded that creates a conducive environment for emergence of terrorism. Under this circumstance, if conducive political opportunity structure is in place for a leader to emerge that frames the issue against real or perceived exploitation and injustice and based on this issue if he is able to secure financial and non financial resources to strike terror, then it is quite like that terror act will be executed.


Earlier terrorism used to be mostly intra-state or at most with neighbouring state. However, with the rapid globalization, the conflict has also travelled long distance and so is the terrorism which is amply clear from 9/11 and recent Paris Terrorist Attacks on 14th November, 2015 that perpetrators were sitting in far off countries.       

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