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Reservation Related Violence in Gujarat

In the last week of August 2015, there was a massive violence in Ahmedabad city of state of Gujarat inIndiain which 5 people died. This violence was an outcome to demand made by Patel community for reservation in government jobs and admissions in government educational institutions under other backward caste quota. Patel community is economically and socially well developed. They have fairly good representation in Gujarat government and well placed in business. However, they feel that some of other castes and communities who are economically and socially better placed than themselves are enjoying this reservation benefits.



Provisions of reservation were provided in the Constitution of India to accelerate the process of economic, social and political justice by providing equal opportunity to each community. Initially, reservation was intended to be provided for ten years only, however, it is still continuing for more than six decades.  But, whether reservation policy in its current form has been able to meet its intended purpose in last six decades is a matter of debate. But, one thing is sure that it has reduced the efficiency of government due to selection of incompetent employees in government jobs due to reservation policy. Moreover, it has created social tension among various factions in society. Reservation policy has become an instrument of political game to woo the voters of particular factions of society.  No political party in India has guts to take any rational and firm stand on reservation due to vote bank politics. There is only ray of hope in this matter from Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. Supreme Court needs to commission a study on existing system of reservation to study its impact and its relevance at present on socioeconomic uplifting of socially downtrodden castes and communities; so that based on this study a decision of continuation, closure or modification on reservation  policy could be taken.


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