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Higher Education in India



There are many empirical evidences to establish that quality education and economic, social and intellectual developments are highly interdependent on each other helping one another to scale a new height. Therefore, if India has to move forward on path of development rapidly, it has to improve access to education to all and improve the quality of education. Getting an high score in examination necessarily does not mean that quality of education has improved, as we can see that getting 80 percent and above used to be an uphill task some thirty years back and hardly top 10 to 20 students in state level Board examinations used to achieve such high score, but now it is very common. But, whether these high marks obtained by majority of students  really reflects improvements in quality of education? Many studies conducted on the same proves that quality of education has not improve with steep improvements in marks obtained. Similar story exists for higher education. Higher education requires critical thinking on subject, developing new innovative thoughts and finding an answer to unresolved issue or unanswered question based on some founded logic or principle. This gets reflected in articles published in journals of repute and patents obtained.


It is said that this century belongs toAsia. Among two biggest developing countries in Asia i.e.China and India,China has made a significant progress in improving its quality of education as two of its universities i.e.PekingUniversity and Tsinghua University are globally placed under top 50 universities. There has been significant increase in number of research articles published in international journals of repute and number of patent applications registered in China. However, situation in Indiais not that rosy. IITs,  once one of the most revered institution in India and abroad are not finding a place in top 300 institutions globally. Number of research articles published in reputed journal and number of patent applications filed is dismally low in Indian Institutes of higher learning. Unless and until institutions of higher learning are research based and contributing to knowledge creation, its existence does not matter. Over regulation of universities is also a big barrier for its quality improvements. However, there is some ray of hope after some new private universities and institutes like Ashoka University, Shiv Nadar University, Mahendra Centrale Ecole, Azim Prem Ji University etc that are focusing on research based education. Let us hope that effort of these institutions of higher learning by implementing new, modern and research base education system will take higher education to new height.  

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