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One Year of Modi Government in India


Modi government got massive mandate in previous parliamentary election and completed its one year on 26th May, 2015. As mandate given by public was massive,  so was their high expectation from this government. How far this government has been able to meet the expectations of people is being debated in media, political and social circles.


The most important role of any responsible government is to create employment for its people or create environment conducive for employment generation so that people could meet their basic necessity of food, clothing, shelter, heath care and education for their children with dignity. GDP has grown from 6.9 % in 2013-14 to 7.3 % in 2014-15 in one year. However, in last quarter of 2014-15, it was 7.5% against 7% ofChina, -.2% ofBraziland 0.7% of US in subdued global economic environment. Expansion of economy is closely related with employment that clearly indicates that employment has increased almost in same proportion in last one year. Employment generation will be able to take a giant leap only when Land Acquisition Bill and GST Bill are passed creating a conducive environment for both domestic and foreign investment and that is likely to take 3-4 years from now to fully fructify. Modi government has created a separate ministry for skill development that will map the skill requirements of work force of nation for needs of its industrial, service and agricultural sector, and accordingly institution for skill and entrepreneurship development is being developed.


Within a week after its inauguration, Modi government set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) on corruption. Modi government has shown zero tolerance towards corruption. So far no one could raise a finger on Modi government as far as corruption is concerned.


Modi government has taken multi-pronged strategies for poverty alleviation. Make inIndia, skill development, universal access to banking especially to poor and easy access of capital to small and medium enterprises will definitely help in creating more employment and in turn will help in alleviating poverty.


Modi government has brought a number of social security schemes at affordable premium for poor people such as Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana   and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana catering to the needs of various segments of poor people who were not having any social security cover .


To give boost to industrial development, Modi government has launched ambitious “Make inIndia” program. Modi government  is working on long term plan as a pre-requisite to “Make in India” that encompass Land Acquisition Bill, GST Bill, Labour Law reforms so that foreign as well as domestic investment could be deployed in country.


For enhancing internal and external security, Modi government has increased its soft power as well as hard power.  Modi government has improved relations with most of the neighbouring countries through its soft power in order to enhance its internal as well as external security. In addition, this government is enhancing its hard power by acquisition of military hardware, equipment and other supplies. Moreover, hard power is further enhanced by make inIndiain defence.


To boost agricultural production, a dedicated TV channel for farmers has been launched by Modi government to educate and guide them on best global practices on agriculture to improve agricultural productivity. Similarly, this government is planning to expand soil testing lab across the country so that farmers could know precisely the quantity and type of fertilizer for their land for a particular type of crop.


Modi government has done extremely well in foreign policy by improving relations with neighbouring countries as well as with global economic and military power. This has helped in bringing foreign investment, acquisition of strategic military hardware, acquisition of nuclear equipment and nuclear fuel supplies. Modi government has reached out to people of Indian origin (PIO) through PM Modi’s visit toFiji,Mauritius, Seychelles etc. It will help inIndiasecuring a permanent seat in Security Council in United Nation.


Modi government has taken various step to enhance the capacity of rail infrastructure, introduction of high speed trains. Execution of national highway project is being executed very rapidly. There is phenomenal growth in capacity addition in power generation in both conventional as well as renewal energy sectors in last one year.

Smart cities project of Modi government is environmentally benign as well as energy efficient. Swachh Bharat and cleaning ofGangeswill help in improving the health of people and in turn improve the economic conditions of people through tourism.


In last one year Modi government has embarked on a number of ambitious projects, and most of them will show result in three to five years. Due to political reason a lot of impediments are there in implementing the policies of Modi government. But, if Modi government becomes successful in pushing various reforms through legislation, there will be unprecedented development and progress inIndiain years to come.



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