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Implications of Wagah Bombing at Indo-Pak Border


On 2 November, 2014 a heavy suicide bomb explosion by terrorist took place at Pakistan side of Indo-Pak border named Wagah border where more than 50 people died and more than 200 injured. Pakistani Taliban and other Pakistan based terror groups have claimed their  responsibilty for this act. Slowly Pakistan is coming under severe threat of its own created terror groups. Religion based terrorism was conceived, created and nurtured by Pakistan to be used against erstwhile USSR in Afghanistan in late 1970s with material resources provided by some rich and some powerful countries. Ideological resources were framed and provided by Pakistan to militants and terror activities in name of religion and it was effectively utilized against USSR in Afghanistan.  After Russians left Afghanistan, Pakistan utilized these terrorist infrastructure against India in Kashmir and subsequently other parts of India for terror activities.Terrorists are not robots that once one create them and utilize to meet his end, and then they   can again be reprogrammed by erasing and replacing their memory with good program to become a good person. It takes a lot of time in instilling terrorist ideologies in their brain.  Once a person has been created as terrorist based on certain reason or ideologies, he wants to live for that ideology. And once one task is over, he will look for other opportunity structure where he can act in similar way in order to live to his ideologies. If even his creator comes his way in fulfilling his ideologies, then he will deal with iron hands, because he feels cheated in changing ideologies. Similar situation exists in Pakistan. In this process some of the terrorist groups have slipped out from control of ISI and Pak army, and they are having conflicts with military and political establishments in Pakistan.

Now the question arise why this bombing took place at Pak side of Wagah Indo-Pak border. Perhaps terrorist might have intended to  bomb Indian side of Wagah border, but could not be possible to do it Indian side due to some unknown reason, so they did it Pakistan side itself as second option. It clearly shows that Pakistan created some terror groups are also some extent anti to Pakistani military and political establishment. However, Pakistan can not shirk its responsibility taking plea  that non state actors in Pakistan are waging terrorist activities against India. If any terror attack from state or non state actor is emanating from Pakistani soil, it should be construed  as an act by Pakistan and Pakistan should be made responsible for that. Pakistan should learn a lesson from some of the recent terror activities in Pakistan and should wind up it terror infrastructure for its own benefits.   

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