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The Success of Mangalyaan: The First Mars Orbiter of India

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) of India has launched its first Mars orbiter Mangalyaan on 5th November, 2013 that successfully reached in orbit of planet Mars on 24th September, 2014. Though its success was questionable when it was launche, as out of 51 interplanetary missions to planet Mars as Flyby, Orbiter or Lander only 21 have succeeded.  Now everyone in India is celebrating the success of Mangalyaan i.e. Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). However, when Mangalyaan was launched, there were mixed reactions from nations, media across globe as well as from various sections of society within India. Some of them reposed confidence in achievements made so far by ISRO, some of them criticised it for not being citizen centric or not having value for money spent on this project, while some of them criticised this mission as wastage of money for a country like India where millions of people are poor. In fact, it should have been highly appreciated equivocally when it was launched even if some apprehension of failure would have been there to perform minimal function such as  reaching to Mars, orbiting around it and taking some photographs. Now as this mission has been successful in performing its intended function, it has demonstrated the capacity of ISRO scientist to entire world and enhanced their confidence as well as Indian scientists working in other fields which is must for progress and development in any field and specially in science and technology.

The main value for money of this project is capacity and confidence building of scientists and engineers of ISRO, and demonstrating enhanced prestige of Indian scientists globally. Moreover, in due course of time many technolical aspects of this project would find applications in solving problems in basic science, defence and space science projects. Space science is one of the frontier area in science and technology which has enormous potential of economic activities in future in field of telecommunication, remote sensing, inter planetary mining of precious metals and minerals, settlement of space colony, solar power generation, in space and security surviliance etc. During cold war period space race between US and USSR have been a mode of  their power projection. On strategic front possession of high technological achievements like this creates a deterrent to adversaries. India and especially ISRO scientists must be applauded for their achievements made so far in successfully placing Mangalyaan in orbit at the price of shoe string and India should feel proud of its achievements.


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