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Defence Preparedness in India- A way Forward

Defence preparedness requires acquisition of means to match the capability of perceived adversaries apart from will power. The means includes fighting forces, their skills, weapons, equipment and other supplies required for operation in theater of war.   Modern warfare is highly technology intensive, so major challenge before armed forces are acquisition of weapons and equipment with adequately high degree of technology matching that of  the perceived  adversaries. Now country has provided adequate budget allocations for acquisition of weapon, but the same is not utilized due to non availability of adequate indigenous sources of supplies on account of poor performance of DRDO and DPSUs, and importation of the same sink into quagmire of corruption in many cases and this delays acquisition. There is need to develop defence R & D as well as production facilities in private sector as US does. Indigenous private players in defence production has to be assured of  load on sustainable basis and government need to support them in getting  market abroad. For achieving this, there should be a rationality in choice of specification and quality requirements of weapon and long term perspective plan needs to be shared also with the local manufacturer of weapons and equipment  in  private sector , so that they could gear up themselves to meeting requirements of defence forces.

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