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Modi's Diplomatic Adventure: Emergence of a Regional Leader in South Asia


Before his formal swearing in as Prime Mionister of India on 26.05.2014, Mr Modi displayed one of his highest degree of successful political adventure by inviting all the SAARC leaders on his swearin in ceremony. As a good gesture all the head of state/governments or their representatives of SAARC countries graced the occasion. About 151 fishermen were released by Pakistan and Sri Lanka as a diplomatic gift to P M Modi on this occasion which is a big diplomatic achievement of Mr Modi.

Most of the countries in South Asia are very poor, and they badly need economic and social development of their people. One of the precondition for development is peace and stability. Good relations with neighbouring countries not only brings peace and stability but open the avenues for cross border trade and commerce. Inviting leaders of SAARC countries, PM Modi has accorded a high priority to SAARC countries on his international relation agenda. He has treated SAARC countres like extended families of India. Modi has taken initiative to display a new regional diplomacy to uniting SAARC countries for benifits of South Asian region. But, its success will depend upon how members of SAARC countries reciprocate and behave keeping aside old animosity if any among member states. If all SAARC countries could come together for development of this region through initiatives of Mr Narendra Modi, he will definitely emerge as regional leader of South Asia.


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