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Lessons to be Learnt from Germany in Renewable Energy


Germany has set a new record of generating its 74 percent of its power needs from renewable source of energy mainly solar and wind. Now Germans have shown that if strong political will is there, then reducing GHG and mitigating global warming and climate change is not a big task. There is apprehension that cost of renewable energy is very high and will be a prohibiting factor for economic development. But Germany is best perfomer economically in EU even after embracing renewable energy. Once use of renewable energy is increased, its cost will also come down due to scale of economy in production, marketing, installation and operation.  


All the developed and fast developing countries should learn a lesson from Germany and replicate the same. Otherwise if it is delayed, the level of CO2 will reach to very high value and its sequestration will take lot of time. The recent studies in climate change shows a very  dangerous trend and it is is not arrested through collective efforts, consequences may be so severe that none of the adaptation measures would be able to save human life on this planet.

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