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Will the Dangerous Nuclear Trend Emerge in South Asia if Modi Government is Formed in India


There is a perception in some  sections of political commentators on international relations in South Asia that dangerous trend in nuclear South Asia will emerge once Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Mr Narendra Modi comes to power in India after 2014 Parliamentary elections. Many  such arguments made is based on any unfounded logic. First BJP and Modi have been painted as Hindu hard liner that is not true as during 12 years of Modi's rule in Gujarat no communal riots have taken place and economic development of minority community is phenomenally high compared to many other states inIndia. Modi will prove to be a statesman not playing in hands other nations and that is also a sure sign to establish peace with neighbours. He is pro -development politician and knows very well that development and peace go hand in hand. And for achieving this, good relation with neighbours is essential.


However, in South Asia, there are two nuclear armed countries i.e. India and Pakistan who have major territorial disputes since creation of Pakistan in 1947 and that led to series of war between India and Pakistan. As of now India is committed to no first use of Nuclear weapon as per its nuclear doctrine, but there is no such commitment from Pakistan. The collaborative relations between ISI of Pakistan and jihadi militants and helplessness of political establishment in Pakistan are well known to the world. If militants lay a hand on nuclear weapon in Pakistan, its consequences may be disastrous not only for India, but for Pakistan also. In this situation India has to calibrate its nuclear doctrine if nuclear weapon is passed on in hands of non state actor such as jihadi militants and Taliban. In such situation, a statesman like Modi  will not tolerate any non sense activity and if required will give befitting replies. Now the action of Pakistan will decide that what type of response they want

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