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Obama's Mishandling of Afghanistan

Afghanistan affairs is becoming another Vietnam for US. President Obama wants to quickly exit honorably from the quagmire of Afghanistan problem abandoning the basic issues for which US intervened. Obama may take credit for killing Osama, but the real problem of Taliban and stability of democratic governance and development in Afghanistan has not been fully addressed yet, which is very essential for eradicating terrorism from soil of Afghanistan. It requires sustained support for a decade or so. It appears that there is greater mistrust between Obama and Karzai as well as between Obama and Afghanistan policy think tank of Obama and some of the key persons responsible for implementing this policy in Afghanistan. President Karzai may be a lousy ally to Obama administration, but US must also see the situation from Karzai’s point of view. In case of abandonment by US, President Karzai has to handle the situation alone, so he has to do the micro-management of political affairs keeping that scenario in mind. Even Karzai may reach to some moderate faction in Taliban, and Obama administration should not meddle too much in political micro management, if US has to leave early. Early exit of US will definitely create a situation in which Taliban will resurrect with new vigor and with support of ISI of Pakistan, even it may become more powerful than earlier. In that situation, perhaps it will be worst situation than 1980s and 1990s for Afghanistan as well as many neighboring countries in South Asia.


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