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Limited War in Backdrop of Advance Military Capability

The basic purpose of war is to exercise control over various economic and political resouces in the interest of the nation. With technological advancement, capability of means of war i.e. capability of weapons and other equipment and supplies of war has increased many folds making it highly lethal. As the lethality of means of war will increase, less wars will be fought and scale of war will be low and more conventional to avoid large scale war using sophisticated lethal weapons including NBC. This will be more so when military capability gap between the countries at conflict is low and government in both the countries at conflict have a responsible and reasonably strong government. If government of one of the country in conflict is dictator or weak and under influence of some radical group, then even use of NBC can not be ruled out. However, countries will continue to upgrade their military capability in order to pre-empt or deter their perceived enemies for any military misadventure against them. Terrorism will be growing phenomenon where countries at conflict are highly unequal in their military capbility. Between the countries having advance and almost equal military capabilities, mostly proxy war will be fought. Soft power will be used more to pursuit economic interest instead of waging war.Globalization of trade and commerce will also be a prohibiting factor in escalation of war as it will be against economic interest of the countries at conflict if they are heavily dependent on each other for trade.

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