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Naxal Problem and Way Forward to Address This Issue

Apart from cross border terrorism, India is facing internal terrorism from people of its land i.e. Naxal Terrorism. On 25th May, 2013 Chhattisgarh State of India saw another wrath of Naxals in which it is reported that 27 persons were killed and 36 injured. This time the victims were not only the security forces, but also eminent political leaders of the state. This has increased the concern of Government and political parties more. Even after more than four decades of Naxal movement, no effective solution to this problem appears in the offing. Only armed action by security forces against Naxals will not bring any long term solution.

The root cause of Naxal Movement is well known to experts in government and outside. However, Naxal Movement has deviated from its ideologies and more so in their actions of armed struggle over the years. What is needed is to analyze root causes of this problem and take corrective actions. For success of any armed or unarmed movement and struggle, three things play an important role: framing of issues or ideologies; resources for movement and struggle; and political, social and environmental opportunity structure. The government needs to utilize these tools to address the issue of Naxalism. Government needs to come up with proper communication strategies with appropriate content aimed at reaching out to the Naxal cadre and especially the foot soldiers of Naxal to counter the ideologies and actions of Naxals. The sources and flow of the financial and other material resources required to sustain this movement need to be identifies and severed off.  Redistribution of economic and environmental resources are at the core of this problem. Government may initiate dialogue with intellectuals and moderates in Naxal cadre to find a pragmatic solution within constitutional framework that can fulfill the legitimate aspirations of Naxalites or at least can instill a hope through some visible action that Government is willing and would fulfill their aspirations in near future.

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