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Chinese Intrusion in Ladakh Region

Chinese army, PLA ( People's Liberation Army) has intruded in Ladakh sector of India in mid of April 2013. This is highly embarrassing for India, when there is no strong reaction from Indian government even after a fortnight has lapsed after intrusion. Though there are border disputes between India and China since long, but both the countries have not escalated this issue for the sake of pursuing their economic and other developmental goals. But all of the sudden, why China has shown a tough posture towards India needs to be seen through Chinese perspective.  It appears that indirect involvement of India in South China Sea affairs, projection of India as emerging power in Asia to contain China by America and its allies and increasing Indo-Japan relation ( to be seen in background of East China Sea affairs especially senkaku island) are some of the probable reason for intrusion by China in Ladakh sector of India. China wants to give an indirect message to ASEAN countries having stake in South China SEA that don't bank on India. And similar message is there to Japan for Senkaku island. Moreover, there is indirect message to India by China that don't try to be over smart in international relations where china has a stake. 

Here, India should have shown a tough posture against China, but Indian leadership failed miserably in eyes of its own people as well as international community. Now, even if China retreat through diplomatic efforts or back door negotiations, the image of India has been seriously damaged in international community at least for more than a decade. 

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