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The Dirty Politics of Wharton Business School against Narendra Modi


Consecutively three times democratically elected Chief Minister of state of Gujarat in  India under whose tenure Gujarat has economically developed at fastest rate was invited  by prestigious Wharton Business School, USA to deliver keynote address via video conferencing in its 17th Wharton India Economic Forum to be held on 23rd March, 2013 and subsequently his invitation was cancelled stating the reason that a section of professors, students and alumnae are opposing the keynote address by Mr. Modi. The reason given for this type of action and dirty politics may not be acceptable to the rational people across the globe. This appears to be premeditated course of action to politically malign the image of Mr. Narendra Modi.  It is not understood why Mr. Narendra Modi was invited to address in this forum without consulting all those who matters in such decision making. Proper decision making is one of the basic lessons of business schools, and if this is the level of decision making in one of the renowned business schools, we can understand very well that what would be its quality and credentials. In a business school of this stature, I do not think that such decisions are taken by organizers without taking in confidence Board of Directors and Advisers of the Institute. Therefore, this decision of inviting Mr. Modi and subsequently cancelling the invitation to deliver Key Note address at Wharton has been taken on behest of some government or interest group inimical to Mr. Modi with malafide intention to malign the political image of Mr Narendra Modi. 

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