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Modesty in Resource Consumption as a Way Forward to Mitigate Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenge that this planet is facing today. If this change is not contained timely, the habitats of this planet may have to face severe consequences of climate change. Under Kyoto Protocol a very modest target of about 5.2% of GHG ( green house gas ) reduction target of 1990 level was set for Annex-I countries ( mostly developed countries ) that was to be achieved during 2008-2012. But, so far the result achieved on global emission reduction during this period i.e.2008-2012 has not been published. However, further commitments for emission reduction have been given by many countries beyond this period considering the gravity of the climate change issues. Apart from institutional arrangement made and adpoted globally to reduce the emission, individuals across the globe need to come forward and display austerity measures in carbon emission through their lifestyle and day to day activities. The global leaders have to come forward to demonstrate and lead the change in the lifestyle and societal behavior which is less carbon intensive and environment and climate friendly. It is very well known that about 20% rich population across the globe consume about 80% of resources including energy, water and other consumables. Therefore, here the lead can be taken by rich citizens and communities of developed nations. Once they start showing modesty in resource consumption, others in developing and least developed countries would start following as they have done in other cases also. Moreover, most of the people in developing and poor countries are consuming less resources be it food, water, electricity,  transport and house etc out of their compulsion and poverty.

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