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Dark Side of International NGOs

Donation by developed countries, multilateral agencies like UN, World Bank, ADB etc, and international NGOs to least developing and developing countries are very common international developmental activities taken with a view to improve the social and economic conditions of aid receiving country. There are many international non governmental organisations (NGOs) who are really philanthropist in nature, but there are many black sheep also in this business. Some of these dubious international NGOs channel their money with malicious intentions , though it is name of various kind of  welfare, cultural and developmental activities. And money of some of these international organisations are used  for various purpose right from promoting secessionist group, funding terrorist, promoting political and commercial interest of one or a group of countries, and thwarting many developmental activities in name of environment and displacement of people. Though already mechanism is in place in government to scrutinize the purpose of  these funds and credentials of these international NGOs before they flow in the country, but very powerful national counterparts are there who are beneficiaries of  these  funds and they influence  getting it cleared. There is need to reduce the flow of fund from international NGOs and whatever is permitted it should thoroughly examines and screened in the national interest.

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