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Implications of Pre-Mature Exit of US from Afghanistan

Due to economic hardship faced by US, President Obama has indicated a safe and honourable exit fron Afghanistan as US presence in Afghanistan is further aggravating its economic hardship without any economic gain in near future. What would be its implications for Afghanistan neighbouring countries and US is a big question.  Afghanistan has been safe sanctuary for a long for Islamic terrorist around the globe that has been controlled to some extent by US action in recent past.  Premature exit by US from Afghanistan will be detrimental to the interests of US, neighboring countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan itself. Because, with US exit, feudal  forces will again resurrect that will finally lead to more production and trade of opium, concentration of money in few hands, increased alliance between feudal lords and radical Taliban that will finally result in weakening nascent democratic process with high chances of transiting back to previous form of Taliban government. Pragmatic solution of Afghanistan problem has to be seen in background of its history and culture of Afghanistan. Some 50 years back Afghanistan had been adequately progressive compared to many South Asian countries given its geographical conditions. Even if it comes to same level of  governance and socioeconomic development as it was in 50s and 60s it can pursuit the path of progress alone. But this will require creation of social and physical infrastructure to support at least 20-30 years to help at least one generation in attaining them proper education, and means of livelihood for masses and  at the same time curbing opium production and trade with iron hands.  Once the one generation is integrated in economic activities and simultaneously money power of feudal lords from opium are curbed, the chances are quite high that radical elements and terrorist may loose the ground and Afghanistan may emerge a stable and normal country.   

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