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Protest against Gang Rape in Delhi: Strengthening Democracy

For last two days on 22nd and 23rd of December, 2012 there has been an unprecednted demonstration in New Delhi against gang rape of a paramedical student. Among others, most of the demonstrators were youths. Delhi, the capital and seat of power in India has been termed as capital of rape due to frequent rape cases in Delhi. People are very furious that in so many  such cases the culprit go scot free. So, outrage of youth on such a scale should not be taken as a big surprise. In a democratic governance, fulfilling the legitmate aspirations of people is one of the most important responsibilties of the government. And one's safety and security is of paramount importance when it comes to fulfilling aspirations of people. This kind of social movement takes place only when  many people feel threatened in the the same way. In the present case  also people across the society have started feeling that females of their family member are not safe and they have come out on streets to demand justice for victim as well as to put the pressure on government for putting in place responsive and comprehensive administrative machinery, efficient policing and strong legal system with provision of sever penalty to those found guilty in rape cases so that such incidents could be curbed. Though the matter of sever penalty for those convicted in rape cases has also come for discussion previously, but there was oppositions from many quarters also stating the reason that in many cases it would be difficult to make a correct judgement between consensual sex and rape and it would be misused to frame innocent persons and exploit them. Taking advantage of legal positions many rape offenders went scot free and this encouraged such bad elements in society to repeat such incident. People feel frustated with existing legal, policing and administrative system that is unable to protect female from rape cases. Many people in big cities especially of the north India feel that female of their family is not safe and this has led to mass social movement for this cause. Now the pressure by people appears to be working on government as well as political system as a whole when many leaders across the party lines  have acknowledged the garivty of such crime and need for strong legislation, policing and administration. It is hoped that this demonstration will be taken by the government in right spirit and necessary changes will be made in legal system, policing and administrative machinery to fight such evil in society and its positive outcome will strengthen our democracy as people would feel more safer in society. 

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