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Energy Trade in Eurasia and its Geopolitical implications

After industrial revolution, energy and especially fossil fuels have become  key input for economic development. During most of the second half of the 20th century energy was at the center stage of global geopolitics and the same is continuing in the 21st century. Eurasian region is largest producer and supplier of energy and earlier major consumers were Americans and West Europeans. With  emergence of China and India in economic development after other East Asian countries, volume of consumption of energy is shifting from West Europe and America to Asian region. So major production and consumption of energy resources are likely to take place in this region. And if the same is to  happen smoothly, a new set of geopolitical order needs to be establish in this region to ensure that institutions and infrastructures could be put in place for smooth flow of energy from surplus region to deficit one. For this to achieve transnational pipelines for oil and gas, international connectivity of grid for electric power transfer and many more other infrastructure needs to be set up in the region.

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