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Successful Test Firing of Agni V Missile

India test fired successfully in third week of April 2012 its Agni V missile that is stated to be having three stage solid propellant rocket motors and a range of approximately 5000 kms that makes it eligible to be classified as Inter Continental Ballistic Missile(ICBM). Agni V is  capable of carrying and delivering with adequate  precision nuclear and other multiple payloads up to one ton. In addition, it is capable of covering whole of Asia, Africa and part of Europe; and  also capable of shooting enemy spy satellite in space. There has been varied reaction from various countries ranging from applaud for technical achievement to propelling arm race. However, a lot of jingoism displayed by many Indian electronic and print media is not appreciable and that to targeting the  comparision to a particular country. 

Many of India's near and distant neighbour are armed with well developed nuclear and missile capabilities far ahead with India. Under this circumstances, India needs to develop and upgrade continuously its strategic defence capabilities. As far as India's  record on proliferartion of strategic weapon is concerned, it is very clean and admirable. Moreover, India is committed to no first use of nuclear weapon. India being a stable democratic country , there is no chance of falling these weapons in hands of terrorists or non state actors unlike other nuclear state in the region where there is such valid apprehension.

It has also been observed that if the technological capabilities of two countries are very high to hit hard as in case of possessing weapon of mass destruction(WMD), chances of combat will be very less, and even though combat takes place, the chances of high intensity combat (HIC) will be very less and many of the issues between the countries would be resolved through negotiations. So, rest of the world needs to be assured that strategic defence capacity building by India would be stengthening peace building process in the region.

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