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Massive Victory for Samajwadi Party in U P Assembly Election, 2012 in India

After clean sweep by SP in UP Assembly election, will there be a new beginning of development in U P? This economically backward state of India and politically important for forming federal government at centre, needs rapid industrial development. Due to high population and high population density, economic development can not hinge alone on agriculture. Industry, commerce and service sector needs to grow at higher pace. For this to achieve, development of infrastructure especially power and roads needs to be taken on top priority. Simultaneously, land (especially waste or degraded) needs to be identified and made available to enterpreneures and encouraging developmental policy need to be put in place for setting new industrial and commercial establishments. Moreover, enterpreneures need to be provided protection from extortionists. Once development in industry and commerce is put in place, other dimensions of development will automatically gain momentum and also enamte further. On social front, sense of security among weaker section of society must be ensured by incoming government. Hopefully, its new and young leader will give a new orientation in their thought process and action, so that new government could take up social and economic development of U P.

Five year is a too short time for all these to achieve.If government is not responsive to aspirations of common people, voter will not hesitate to change ruling party again. This would be interesting to watch  few weeks after formation of government how the policies of Samajwadi Party government are oriented and in which way it is going.

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