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UAE-Israel Peace Deal


The recent peace deal between the UAE and Israel is a very important event in West Asia. This deal is very important for Israel as first gulf nation has given a sort of legitimacy to Israel after seven decades of its formation. This deal is also a very big achievement for the US who brokered this deal and took it to the desired conclusion. This has also lifted the image of Trump on the foreign policy front and may help Trump in forthcoming elections in November 2020.  Israel is technologically most advance nation in the Middle East, and UAE may get benefitted by access to advance technology of Israel that will help in restructuring and diversifying its economy that is heavily dependent oil and gas. If this UAE-Israel deal deepens to the strategic level, it will pose threat to Iran due to physical proximity between the UAE and Israel. Israel who is brother-in-arm of the US can keep a close watch on Iran from UAE and perhaps this may be the desired proposition for many of the gulf states to contain Iran in the Middle East affairs. Now, Turkey was emerging as a third pole in the Islamic world aspiring to be calif of the Islamic world, but, this new equation will shatter this dream of Turkey also. 



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