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Should India Review and Reconsider Indus Water Treaty

There is an age old adage that “Everything is fair in love and war”. In response to Pakistan sponsored Uri terror attack on 18th September, 2016, reviewing and reconsidering Indus Water Treaty (IWT) by India as one of the soft and bloodless options that make a great sense. Water has always been a weapon of war since ancient times. Many wars have been fought for water and water has been used as weapon in many wars throughout the history. Water is an important resource for meeting basic needs of human survival and other economic activities. Moreover, by controlling flowing water it can be use as weapon. Therefore, in trans-national water system, countries at up-stream always have an strategic advantage in regulating and controlling flow of water. Even the way water is released by country at up-stream can work like ammunition. Even under ambit of treaty, arms of down-stream country can be twisted by regulating water skilfully. Moreover, only one treaty between two countries does not work in isolation, but, both the countries must respect and follow other treaty also. If one country does not follow Shimla Agreement, then why other country should follow IWT. Therefore, reviewing IWT by India make a good sense to mend the ways of Pakistan make use of terrorist against India. 

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