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Quality of Education of Social Science in India

The recent incidence of anti-India slogan in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi has been very disturbing and  has been a matter of great concern for patriot citizens of India. Higher institutions of learning are supposed to find ways and means for nation building and making the country economically, socially, strategically, culturally and intellectually a strong nation.  But recent incidence  at JNU has  proved that JNU has collectively failed in its obligation towards it country. Instead of ensuring integrity of its own  country some stray voices are raised to fragment the country. Somewhere this so called prestigious institute of learning has misearably failed in its education system. Distorted information and knowledge have been nurtured here against its own country. Perhaps poor quality of information and superficial knowledge has been nurturing here in the name of free thinking and creativity and some invisible hand is manuvering it. And it is spreading degraded knowledge and wisdom borrowed from others that will be be detrimental to nation.

Generally level of teaching faculty in social science has been poor in India due to the basic reason that post independence most of the bright students have been opting for engineering, medicine and science due to better employment prospects. In the field of social science, there was lack of good scholars in India who could do basic research in social sciences. Whatever theory about India has been propounded in West, the same has been assimilated by most of the so called exponents of social sciences in India without analysing it rationally. Moreover, in many cases, those who are going on scholarship abroad for research, they are also induced, directed and advised to write the research papers in such a way that it does not serve the interests of Indi , but serves the strategic interests of host country especially in subjects like international relations, history, politics, sociology and culture. For example, question arise in history that why Alexander is great and Genghis is Khan is not great. It is simply because at that time there were wise historians and teachers in Greece who glorified Alexander more than he deserved and made his Alexander the great in history. However, there were no such educated and wise historian and teachers in Genghis Khan’s tribe in Mangolia who could have glorified him in the history to the extent he deserved.  Napolean has rightly said that “History is a set of lies agreed upon”. And these people loaded with imported knowledge from a foreign university after returning to India knowingly or unknowingly propagate same view which is some times even anti-national also. Though nowadays some good scholars are pursuing social science. But, government need to establish some good institutes for social science on the lines of IIT, IIM and National Law Universities and encourage bright students to take up original research in social science offering them good scholarships.

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