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Building Peace in Troubled Middle East

The war emanated from Middle East has spanned to trans-continents in the form of terrorist activities. After Paris attack, there are series of such sporadic incidents in Mali, US,UK and recently in Yemen. Perhaps many more such incidents may be repeated in other parts of globe. In this complex geopolitical setting of Middle East-US, West,Russia and other powers have their own strategic interests. Iran is supporting Shia regimes in Shia majority Iraq and in Sunni majority Syria. Prominent Sunni countries in Middle East protected and supported by US and West are providing covert support to ISIS against these Shia regimes. So, if US and other Western powers says that there are three factions fighting in Syria i.e. Asad's forces, Anti-Asad's forces and ISIS, it would be wrong. Basically ISIS is fighting on behalf of Anti-Asad forces. So, there are only two factions-one, Asad’s forces and other Anti-Asad and ISIS coalition forces. The whole conflict in Iraq and Syria appears to be on Shia Sunni Sects. So, if US or West says that they are fighting with only ISIS in Syria, it would be wrong and amounts to paying lip services only as ISIS and Sunnis are aligned in Syria and same is situation in Iraq.  After Paris attack perhap sFrance has come to senses and sees a  rationality in Russian approach. US and West need to keep aside their geopolitical interests for time being and should fight cohesively against global terrorism in order to establish peace in the region and across the globe. They should learn a lesson from history that how bitter enemies Communists and Nationalist of China fought together against Japanese occupation of China. Alternately, with the help of influential Arab States US and West can broker peace with fighting forces through reconciliation.      

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