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10th International Hindi Conference and Future of Hindi

Language plays an important role in emotional unification and nation building. InIndia, wide spread use of Hindi can play an important role in nation building.  Hindi is most widely understood, spoken, read and written language inIndia. More than 55 percent of Indians can understand, speak, read and write Hindi. Despite that English language is widely used inIndiain business and offices especially in central government offices. Even after six decades of independence,India could not replace usage of English by Hindi in bureaucracy, business, and professional education such as engineering, medicine, science and management etc. It is matter of great curiosity and concern for the people who are genuinely concerned about its widespread use. In last week,India hosted 10th International Hindi Conference at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh from 10th to 12th September, 2015.  In this conference delegates from about 30 countries have participated. The conference was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India and attended by Ministers of Government of India, Chief Ministers, Governors, and other Ministers of various State Governments. Most of the speakers at this conference painted a very rosy picture about Hindi in time to come, stating the vast potential of Hindi usage can be leveraged through digital technology which is growing inIndiaat phenomenal level. Prime Minister of India went on saying that future belongs to three languages i.e. English, Chinese and Hindi. Of course, there was sense in his this statement as China and India are two big and growing economy with vast market that will allure people to learn Chinese and Hindi to access market and English will remain there due to its historical presence as lingua franca.

Every year India observes Hindi Fortnight to promote the usage of Hindi in official work. However, despite the efforts made for over half a century to promote Hindi, its impact is not visible. This compel many who are concerned about growth of usage of Hindi to think that  either government has been paying only lip services to promote Hindi or its policies to promote Hindi is not appropriate. Perhaps both may be true and  may not be mutually exclusive. Let's hope that with honest commitment and dynamism of new government under PM Modi coupled with digital technology will herald a new era of widespread use of Hindi through suitable policies and plans.       

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