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Chinese Maritime Strategy

China has achieved its great power status through rapid economic development in last three decades. China very well knows that maintenance of  political power dominance at regional level and fulfilling its aspirations of global power would be possible only if its global economic dominance is maintained. China, being an export led economy is highly dependent on its market abroad and also on access to global efficient transport infrastructure  across the globe and specifically to its potential export destination to export its finished goods and procure raw materials. Maritime transport happens to be most cost effective mode of transport of goods in bulk. Therefore China places great importance to sea transport and in turn maritime security to protect its economic interest. China can make sea transport of its goods to Europe and North & East Africa more efficient through transporting its goods through Pakistan via new port being constructed at Gwadar in Baluchistan whith the help of China that will transport goods through Arabian Sea. Similarly for accessing North American, Latin American and other Pacific Island nations market it has to depend on Indian Ocean and South China Sea to have an efficient access to Pacific Ocean. China very well knows the importance of soft power specially in dealing with smaller developing and least developing countries (LDCs) in order to secure a market, and have access to port and sea lane.

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