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Peshawar Killings : Growing Talibanization of Pakistan

Brutal killings of more than 132 children of Army Public School by Taliban in Peshawar on 16th December, 2014 has sent shock wave across the globe. It also indicates that Talibanization of Pakistan is taking place rapidly. Now question arises that what could be potential likely outcome of Talibanization of Pakistan and its way out? The recent Wagah Border Bombing at Pakistan side of Indo-Pak border in November, 2014 and recent Peshawar killings indicate that such incidents will take place very frequently and more intensely till either Pakistan comes  fully under control of Talibans or Talibani terrorists are totally eliminated by Pak military establishment. Pakistani establishment and powerful countries friendly with Pakistan should first ensure that taliban could not lay hand on nuclear arsenals, otherwise anytime nuclear disaster may happen in South Asia. Killings of few Talibani terrorists which is their own creation of Pakistani military, religious and political establishment will not solve the purpose. The great damage has been done by Pakistani political, religious and military establishments in distorting,  framing, instilling and nurturing  ideologies based on religion to promote terrorism for more than three decades and its repercussions have to be faced greatly by Pakistan, Afghanistan and to some extent by neighboring countries like India, Iran ,China (Xinxiang) etc. Unless and until these ideologies creating Islamic terrorism is killed or controlled by checking the spread of Wahabi Islam  and promoting  Sufi Islam which is full of love and compassion and hallmark of South Asian Islam, it will not resolve the issues, and such conflict will go in perpetuity more frequently and intensely and on larger geographical area. All the global leaders should come forward to eliminate this ideologies and sever the resources to these talibanis to kill this issue for ever.  

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