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What Would be Strategic Policy of Modi Government Towards Neighbouring Countries


The outcomes of exit polls suggests that Naredra Modi will become Prime Minister of India once the election results in India is declared on 16th may, 2014. While elections were going on, there were lot of reactions from state as well as non state actors of neighbouring countries on Narendra Modi being emerged as Prime Minister which was not usual in previous parliamentary elections. The question arises that why so  much apprehension and reactions are there from some of the neighbouring countries.  Is this apprehension about strategic policies of Modi likely to be put in place by Modi government towards its neighbouring countries true.


But in my opinion scenario will be different. Considering the RSS background of Modi, his deep trust in oriental values and deep commitment for economic development, Modi will try to improve relations with neighboring countries including China and Pakistan. However, he will not tolerate non-sense behavior also. In addition to economic development,  he will try to build up the military capabilities through  expansion, capacity building and modernization of in-house defence production facilities as a deterrent to potential adversaries. Moreover, if neighbouring countries cooperate and collaberate he will push up the agenda for inclusive growth of Asia in general and south Asia in particular.

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