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Arvind Kejriwal and His Reaction on Media

Press including electronic media is fourth pillar of democracy. It basically represents the voice of people in democracy and strengthen the democracy. Though there may be some black sheep in media who are involved in  business of paid news or some kind on lobbying for political parties or some big business houses in consideration of rent, but time is testimony to the role of media in establishing and strengthening  democracy  since pre-independence freedom movement to emergency rule and onwards to date.


 Social activist turned politician, Aam Adami Party (AAP) Chief Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the media is "sold" and "heavy amounts" have been paid to promote BJP's PM nominee Narendra Modi. Accusing the "whole" media of being "sold out", Kejriwal has threatened to send media people to jail after an inquiry into the issue if AAP comes to power. This shows the dictatorial attitude of AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal and his disrespect for fourth arm of democracy. If media is not in his favour he will put them behind the bars. If he comes to power and executives and judiciary do not listen to him, he may think of putting them also in jail or at least dismissing them. It clearly indicates Arvind Kejriwal does not believe in democracy, he believes in Authoritarian government. He has shown his utter failure as Chief Minister ofDelhifor 49 days.  His main crusade as social activist  started against corruption. But he could not do anything during his 49 days rule to eradicate corruption. Rather he took only populist measure to reduce the electricity tariff unfounded on any economic principle, like many other parties have been doing in past and ruining the entire electricity industry. Interestingly, instead of reposing his confidence in constitution, he is reposing his confidence in Taliban style Khaap Panchayat.


One political leader of BJP Prakash Javadekar has rightly termed him as Maoist in urban outfit. Will the people ofIndiawill accept and elect him as their leader and tolerate governance by such a person?   And if so happens, a very heavy price will be paid by people of this country. 


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