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Climate Change Mitigation- an Imperative for Developed Countries

About 20% population of developed countries consumes about 80% fossil fuels and remaining 80% population  of developing and least developed countries consumes 20% of fossil fuel energy. Therefore any mitigation activities by 20% consumers of fossil fuel will not give much impact unless 80% consumers of fossil fuel take up sincerely mitigation activities on larger scale. Though every country should strive for mitigation activities as per it financial and technological capabilities and means, but, unfortunately those who are capable and having means are more interested in adaptation activities rather than mitigation activities. Some of the countries are exploiting this situation to make big money by selling their energy efficient and environment friendly technology at exorbitantly high price, and they are those who have created this problem due to their historical as well as present green house gas emission. Scourge of climate change will affect each and every one be it a developed country or least developed one. Those who are consuming more energy per capita presumes that they will be able to insulate themselves more due to investment on adaptation activities,but most likely their adaptation activities will not come to their rescue against climate change induced rage of nature. This is evident from many natural calamities witnessed  in past few years.

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